Recruiting and Promoting the Right Employees

Current hiring and recruitment solutions are able to identify the right candidate for your organization about 45% of the times only and the costs can be staggering. A single failed hiring can cost a company anything from 30% to 2-3 times the salary being paid to the employee, depending on the resources spent to hire them, lost productivity, impact on the team, and even potential customer liabilities due to poor work habits. 

20% impact in your bottom line

Even worst, while a one bad employee in a large company may represent a 1% or less of a company workforce (if they have 100 employees or more).. Hiring the wrong employee in a five person company it represents 20% of the company workforce, and potential sales or productivity.

Can you truly afford to hire the wrong employee?

Our proven solutions can help you Hire or Promote the Right Person, for the Right Job, on the Right Team, at the Right Time

By using our hiring solutions, your company can reduce recruiting costs and onboarding time, improve teamwork and employee engagement, and increase productivity and profitability. 


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Employee Engagement

According to the most recent Gallup poll, 70% of employees are not engaged at work. Because of this reason companies are losing millions in employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability. Engagement problems can affect a company from recruiting and retention, to productivity and leadership effectiveness.

Only 30% of your employees are truly engaged,

 The rest of your employees range from those who are "not-engaged" simply sleepwalking through the day, and waiting to collect their paychecks";  to those who are "actively disengaged" who are not only unhappy but acting out undermining and affecting what the rest of their co-workers may be trying to accomplish.

What can we do to help you?

One of the main problems with employee engagement is that in most of the cases, as a manager you do not know the true cause of the problems that are causing the employees to "check out". Our proven solutions can help you identify and address the causes of poor employee engagement in your organization; and help you increase teamwork, leadership efficiency, employee productivity, and company profitability. 

Employee Retention

Employee retention should be on every company's radar, and organizations that don't understand this, will pay a steep price.

One of your company primary resources walks out of the door every day, your employees. With the growing economy, employees are being actively recruited by your competitors, and employees are starting to answer those calls. When employees leave, they are taking  with them not only their knowledge and experience, but also your supplier, partners, and even customers relationships and networks. 

Why employees leave?

Many business do not understand that employee retention starts during the recruitment phase, and it should extend through the employee lifecycle, as you will do with any other strategic resource. You have hear many times that "employees don't leave a job, they leave a manager", but the reality is way more complex than that. A comprehensive employee retention program should take into consideration the proper mix of performance, communication, loyalty factors; that will result in developing a win-win relationship between the employees and the management team. 

How can we help you?

We can help you develop the proper employee programs that will allow you to simultaneously retain your better employees while attracting the right candidates for your organization.

Employee Development

What happens if you train your employees and they leave? .. even worst.... What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?

"It’s hard to think of an important aspect of management more neglected than development planning: helping your employees shape the future direction of their careers. Yet for a variety of reasons, this valuable activity is often ignored… or handled as a bureaucratic exercise… or an afterthought. Companies pay a high price: the loss of top young talent."


How can we help you?

Your employees need to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. It is always most cost effective to train your employees than to simply replace them continuously; since it increases their loyalty, their satisfaction, their engagement and their overall productivity.  

From business skills to sales, management, and leadership; we can help your employees reach their true potential, and help your company reach its business goals.