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Why do you need Corporate Training?

Businessman Conducting MeetingEmployees are the force behind the success of any company, and companies that implement proper training programs have been able to increase their employee productivity and employee satisfaction scores. According to Forbes [1], in 2014 companies increased their training budgets by over 15% reflecting a substantial interest in the development of their employee skills, and abilities. From specific industry skills, to more general soft skills, organizations need to address the needs of a continuously changing business environment. In today’s competitive world, companies can either wait to hire external candidates with the right skills getting into a salary war with their competitors, or develop their own employees fostering additional company loyalty and competitiveness.


All our research tells us that organizations today suffer from a “skills supply chain” challenge. Not only do more than 70% of organizations cite “capability gaps” as one of their top five challenges, but many companies also tell us that it takes 3-5 years to take a seasoned professional and make them fully productive.

John Bersin, Forbes 2014 [1]


While many companies are investing on their employee development, many others are still sitting on the sidelines; and could potentially fail to remain competitive in the near future. Many executives recognize the need for a better educated workforce but are simply afraid of the potential lack of return on their investment. From the standard fears that better trained employees may demand higher salaries, to the more basic fear that the training may not be adequate; organizational leaders can find many reasons why NOT to train their employees, forgetting the basic rule of business – ROI – Return On Investment. Simply put, companies that do not increase their employee knowledge, will simply fail to remain competitive in the future. Some of the most common reasons for not training their employees according to Dr. Salas a professor of Organizational Psychology at UCF are [2]:

  • Organizations don’t know what their training needs are, from who needs it to what is needed
  • Organizations don’t know how to properly evaluate their employees learning process
  • Organizations believe that technology will solve every problem and another webinar can solve the knowledge gap
  • Organizations don’t provide the necessary follow up and resources to take advantage of their employees new skills and abilities after the training.


Inloso Corporate Training


graduate_with_huge_diploma_400_clr_2500Here at Inloso, our corporate training programs can help organizations of all sizes successfully develop top-performing sales, management and executive teams that meet and exceed company goals. Our corporate training programs have helped businesses like yours increase revenue by improving margins and driving new revenue streams; standardize sales processes and methodology; and improve the effectiveness and efficiency across the entire organization. Our training programs are customized to meet the needs of your organization and designed to achieve long lasting fundamental changes that will create a positive contribution to your company bottom line. Our team of facilitators and trainers have extensive direct experience training and coaching employees and leaders in Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and Latin America, and can meet the needs of your organization at all levels, and across the cultural divide.

Some of the companies that have used these trainings are:

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Our training catalog include:

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Personal Development


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Human Resources


Career Development


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