Our Team


My name is Csaba Toth, I am the founder of ICQ Global, the developer of Global DISC and this is my story in a nutshell…

My first business was the largest restaurant booking website in the UK. I had 2 masters degrees, great ideas, passion,  years of experience, the perfect recipe for success, right? Wrong! I lost it all because I thought speaking the same language, having common sense and good intention were enough to lead and serve people.

According to research, 85% of success is about people skills…how much we understand others and ourselves, yet most people focus on the other 15%. It is easy to fix technology, optimise processes, but it is insanely difficult to work with people.  It is like running under water. The harder we try, the more difficult it is.

I spent the last 10 years researching the topic to crack the code of why people think and behave differently and the result of that is the multi award-winning, Global DISC, the blueprint to turn those differences into synergy instead of painful liability.

Fortune 500 companies and national governments use it to create high-performing teams, Steve Jobs’ coach, John Mattone, and his global network use it to create high-performing leaders, I use it to break down barriers within and between people.

If you would like to find out more, let me invite you for a free assessment and I guarantee…you will be surprised when you find out why you really do what you do…


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