What is Organizational Intelligence?

Organizational intelligence is more than simply trying to use Agile, Scrum, or Hadoop, to patch an organizational performance issue. It is more than simply telling you that you need to increase employee engagement, become a trusted leader, and to implement new employee performance metrics. Organizational intelligence is about identifying the expectations, values, and preferences of your company employees, managers, and leadership team. It is about understanding what needs to be done to align your company objectives with your organizational strategy.

Do you truly know your organization?

  1. Do you know the best way to Motivate your employees?
  2. Do you know your employees preferred Leadership Model?
  3. Do you know your employees preferred Management Model?
  4. Do you know your employees preferred Organizational Structure Model?

How can we help you?

There are over 1000 potential combinations of the current management, leadership, and organizational models. Without the proper guide, trying to improve your organization's performance by the "trial-and-error" model could be one of the most important factors contributing to a company failure. Our OQ solutions will give you a specific set of recommendations that can help you achieve the desired results. We will help you align your leadership, organization, and management models to consistently drive employee engagement, increase leadership efficiency; and achieve superior performance.

Managing for Results

Are you satisfied with your employee performance? Do you believe that your employees have reached their true potential?

Increasing employee performance is the goal of almost every single manager in the workplace. The challenge is that many managers do not truly understand what motivates their employees to perform. From setting goals, and making sure your expectations are clear; to providing frequent feedback, properly managing employees for results can help your people perform most effectively, and increase your company bottom line.

How can we help you?

Performance management is the foundation for employee performance and engagement, and potentially even more important than the annual performance review. The challenge is that many organizations do not truly know how to properly manage for performance in today's increasingly multicultural, multigenerational, and extremely diverse workplace. 

With over 45 years of combined experience developing and managing high performance local and international teams, we can help you identify, develop, and implement the right processes and methods to manage your employees performance, increase employee satisfaction, and achieve leadership effectiveness. 

Leading People

Do you have employees or followers? Do you order or you motivate your employees?

 Your professional success may depend upon your ability to influence the actions of others, but that's not an easy task as yo have already learned. Today your employees, customers, or even business partners can be from the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, or Africa. Do you know how to make them all part of your organization and how to motivate them to follow you as their leader? Most of today's leadership models and seminars tell you that in order to become a leader you must inspire, motivate, and earn the trust of your stakeholders. But the question is how do you accomplish that?

How can we help you?

Leading people is about earning the trust of your employees, thinking ahead, and trusting your instincts. The challenge is not if you can be a great leader, but it is to identify what type of leader you need to be for your followers. There are over 100 potential combinations of leadership styles, management practices, and organizational structures; and attempting to guess the right one to use by trial and error could be a risky proposition for you and your company.

Our leadership development programs can help you identify your preferred leadership style, the preferred style of your employees and followers; and even the right process to adapt your style to the needs of your employees, business partners, customers, and even investors. 

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Organizational Alignment

Does it feels sometimes like everybody may be pulling in a different direction, and.. some people may not be pulling their weight at all?

You could have a direct sales force, your customer service in the Philippines, your IT department in India, and your manufacturing in China. Do you believe that your organization is truly aligned and that what works in one place is as effective in another place?  

How can we help you?

An aligned workforce is a happy, engaged workforce; but unfortunately, alignment between an organization and its employees doesn’t come naturally and it takes planning, hard work and communication. What works for your sales team, may not work for your office support team, and surely it is not going to work for your IT or engineering team. By properly identifying what motivates your employees, and what is needed from a management, leadership, and organizational design, we can help you transform your organization into a truly high-performance team. With our proven solutions we can help you improve your employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, and overall organizational alignment and company profitability.