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ICQ Global has combined the latest business data with academic research to develop the multi award-winning, internationally accredited portfolio of assessments, training and coaching to bring out the best in you and your team.

The complete range of ICQ Solutions are available through our global network of highly experienced and qualified trainers and coaches. It has already benefited Fortune 500 companies, national governments and local businesses.

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Bring out the best in diverse teams through Intelligent Global Leadership 



                 GLOBAL MINDSET

Global Mindset is a consultant company rooted in organisational psychology and dedicated to bringing inclusive leadership approaches to global companies. On of their core activity is the global delivery of transformational leadership and organisational development programs.


Dr David Clive Price's leadership programmes are rooted in decades of research conducted in 72 countries based on his best-selling book Bamboo Strong. His mission is to help executives, emerging leaders, managers and their teams work better together across a globalised world.


John Mattone, the world’s #1 authority on Intelligent Leadership and executive coach (and former coach to Steve Jobs), offers clients and prospects the Intelligent Leadership Program recognised as one of the world’s top three advanced leadership development programs.

                 CATALYST PACIFIC

Catalyst Pacific help organisations and businesses increase productivity, build ‘team spirit’, enhance staff engagement and develop leadership potential. They do this by harnessing the synergy, talent, innovation and creativity that is already there.


Thee Executive-Panel teaches executives how to powerfully develop the character to become transformational leaders, and effectively apply insightful thought preparation and execution in the development and structuring of one’s organization and the changes that it faces.

                   GYONGYI VARGA

The world of business is becoming smaller, yet the diversity of cultures remains. Intercultural team & organisational development. Gyongyi is a cultural expert for Hungary & Germany for skilled workers, executives, expatriates and their partners in Germany and Hungary.


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