Introducing Global DISCTM , the 21st century tool that helps business leaders, HR leaders, coaches and trainers bring out the best in your team, people, clients without having to heavily invest time and money. Very PRACTICAL and EASY to use.

Global DISCTM, is the multi-award winning and ICF accredited behavioural model explaining how personality type and cultural background influence all 3 layers of identity: WHAT, HOW and WHY we do, act, feel and think the way we do.

Global DISCTM have been used by many industries in Asia such as mining, pharmaceutical, hospitality, IT, education and other Fortune 500 companies, national governments and local businesses around the world.


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How it Works?

What & How

Using the language of DISC, Global DISC™ gives you a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s preferred behavioural style and cultural orientation within 5 minutes.


The reports will give you understanding how cultural background - such as generation, gender, profession, ethnicity, nationality and personality type - influences how they feel, think and behave is the strategic advantage of successful companies.


Global DISC™ gives you the BLUEPRINT of each individual as well as teams or groups so you can leverage those differences and rapidly drive engagement, team work, customer service and sales.


Book Cover

Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times by Csaba Toth


Every chapter is fully integrated with an interactive coaching platform to challenge your views on concepts you might have taken for granted and stretch your comfort zone to a point where life is going to make much more sense in these unusual times. Get your copy here.

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