Developing Global Leaders

In today’s competitive business environment Leaders must continuously develop to be ready to push forward growth  strategies, drive innovation and work directly with customers and employees from anywhere in the world. In a recent survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit, 90 percent of executives from 68 countries cite ‘cross-cultural management’ as their top challenge in working across borders.

Today, as business becomes increasingly global, even managers in domestic organisations are likely to work with employees from a variety of cultural backgrounds. To do this effectively, they need to develop cultural competence.


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Global People Skills

85% of job success comes from a well developed people and soft skills. The ability to manage and serve people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds is one of the most important strategic advantages.

From multinationals like IBM and Coca-Cola to tech giants like Google and Alibaba to universities like Harvard Business School to hundreds of small and mid-size organisations, business leaders around the world are adopting cultural intelligence as a critical way to more effectively respond to the demands and opportunities of the 21st century world. Trying to solve the challenges of globalisation with tools created before that can directly affect you success and profit.   

ICQ Consulting is the leading expert in researching how personality types and cultural backgrounds influence the way people behave and how you can apply this knowledge to take your business from good to great. 


Global Customers

Customers are “the only” reason your company is successful.  Your employees represent your company, they are the face of your  branding. Skillful leaders can engage their teams who in turn provide outstanding customer service regardless of the clients’  nationality, language, political, or even religious background.



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Employee Engagement

When organisations successfully engage their employees, they experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes and they outperform their competition. Global leaders understand how to motivate their team and create an inclusive working environment.

Our leadership programs can help you identify the needs and expectations of your global employee force, and to develop the right leadership strategies that can help you become a “ global leader”.