Why Global DISC™?
What is the difference between standard DISC and Global DISC™?
I have used DISC profiling. Is it the same or just a slightly different version of it like Insights Discovery, Thomas International, etc.?
I use intercultural models, how is this different?
Should my DISC result be the same as the Global DISC™ one?
What makes Global DISC™ different to other intercultural models?
I use several frameworks, why would this be useful?
We have employee engagement and well-being programs. Do we still need Global DISC™?
We have diversity programs, could I still benefit from Global DISC™?
Why should I use this instead of a standard DISC?
I have been an executive coach for many years, why would I need Global DISC™?
How many countries is it available in?
How many languages is the Global DISC™ assessment available in?
What do I need to get certified?
Do I get discount if I use a lot of assessments?
How much are the comparison and group reports?
Can I do the training in person?
Can we do the training in one day even if it is over 10 hours?
Do you have a license from the DISC company?
Who developed Global DISC™?
What is the research behind it?
Is it academically validated?
What is ICQ?
What is the difference between CQ and ICQ?
What are the main principles of ICQ Global?
What is the vision for ICQ Global?

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